The Connection of Your Focus and Your Reality!
March 24, 2021
Kylie-Ann Kobelt

“Your focus determines your reality”. 

Take a moment to truly reflect on this and whether your focus is impacting the vision you’ve created for life and business.

Think about when you’re driving a car. As the driver, you need to look out infront, through the windscreen, right? 

If we were to drive the car with our sights set behind us, on our trunk, we would undoubtedly crash the car. The same goes for when we set goals.

If we’re so focused on what was, what could be and what has happened then we aren’t giving our goals the 100% focus it deserves. It’s missing the 1%, like that quick moment of taking our eyes off the road, that slows us from getting to our destination.

So, how do we shift our focus to connect us with our reality? It’s time to get SMART.

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SMART is an acronym that you can use to set you goals. Representing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely characteristics, SMART goals encourage you to really define what your goal means, what you need to do to get there and by when.


What is it exactly that you’re accomplishing? Like its namesake, beginning your SMART goal with specific gives you the opportunity to go into detail about what your goal is. The more detail you include to define your goal, the more enticing it becomes! The art is in not skipping the finer details – that is what keeps us chasing towards achievement.


Measurable is where you’re defining whatever achievement means to you. How will you know that you’ve successfully achieved your goal? What will it look like? How will you feel?

The measurable characteristics supports you to stay accountable to yourself and ensure that everything you do is contributing to achieving your goal. It also allows you to track your progress and know when you’re getting closer to the destination.


It’s crucial to set goals that are achievable. We’ve all created audacious goals for ourselves but not thought about the resources, skills or effort required to achieve them. Like many of these goals, they don’t get achieved because we overlooked the support we required.

This is your opportunity to reflect on your own journey. Just like fuel, a GPS or a good driving playlist, if you don’t have the resources YOU need available, how can you get to the destination?


Time and time again, it all comes back to the why. Relevant is your space to reflect on why this goal is important to you and what achieving it will mean. It’s likely that your goal will align with other goals you have, your values and your mission. When we’re feeling slowed down or in traffic towards our destination, the reflection is in the relevance.


Accountability is key and timely is your space to set the time that your goal will be achieved. Setting timeframes gives you a deadline to focus on and target to reach your destination. Throughout your day-to-day, the timeliness of your goal can ensure that you’re not focusing your efforts on tasks that don’t contribute to your goal or worse, slow you down. Setting timeframes should be achievable and be manageable.

When setting goals, many people use language such as “I will” or “when I” to describe the end result. Keeping your focus on your destination, I want you to write your goals as if you’ve already achieved them. What were the measurables you set in place to achieve this goal? Not only does it put your SMART characteristics into perspective, but it keeps you excited and inspired to keep driving forward, without looking back.

Know where you are going to stay on track. 

It’s okay to reflect on where you’ve been but don’t take your eyes off the road. 

Keep your destination in full view and keep driving.


Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Personal Life Coach, Business Coach & Change Mentor


Hi, I’m Kylie-Ann, it is not the things that happen outside yourself that affect you the most. What goes on inside your head is the most powerful indicator of your success as a person. So, if your thinking becomes clearer and more empowered, so does your life.

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