Team Training


I provide individualised, tailored training working with your businesses needs and values.

Identifying what’s working and what’s not?

What gaps are your team or clients experiencing?

Are you making the most of your resources?

Are there internal conflicts?

What systems are required or in need of re-vamping?

Are you effectively communicating as a leader or as a team?

Contact me to have a conversation

Together, we can discuss what a training program for your business could look like taking into account your business’ core needs for growth, consistency and profit. Fully tailored & customised.

Check out an Overview of A Solution Creator Blueprint

Identify, Release & Create

Program Examples, Modules & Key Areas for development.

And what resources are available to you.  


Free Tools & Tip Sheets

Genuine resources when utilised well will bring to you an unlimited amount of ’new ways’. Don’t download these and not use them as they really don’t want to get lost amongst the many.

One at a time and come back as you need them. They will be here waiting for you.

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Sometimes and only then may I have something interesting and worth buying.

It will be made available with a price tag because I know it has tremendous value and you will know its worth it!

Momentum 4 Success


Taking 'Ideas to Actions.'

  • Clarity
  • Direction
  • Accountability
  • Support

Coming in 2021

Solution Creator Hub

Has two main intentions:
ONE - To Connect
TWO - To Grow
Every person in this group is a specialist in their our own field with much to offer you.
Collaboration is the new black and will be a big part of what gets us thriving again in this new landscape of doing business. 

All it Takes is a Conversation. Schedule your FREE 40 Minute Discovery Call Today!

From My Clients

As a successful business owner myself, I do know about the nuts and bolts of your business – systems, balance sheet…all those things. Though I would say at this time I am specialising in assisting you to take control of your business and gaining clarity on your goals, outcomes, and your personal definition of SUCCESS. But don’t just take my word…

Kylie-Ann has such a solid and lovely presence, which helps you clear the clutter, find your own presence, and move ahead!

– Amy Amann

Kylie-Ann was a real pleasure to work with. She painlessly and efficiently reprogrammed my negative beliefs and the timeline therapy was almost like she had waved a magic wand….the results were instant! I would highly recommend Kylie-Ann to anybody who is considering her services.

– Bambi Coker

It’s one thing when someone says they can do something then it’s an entirely different thing when you experience for yourself. It has been a great journey of awareness and discovery to achieve direction and results.

– Adam B

Just finished a set of coaching sessions with Kylie Ann and I must say I’ve changed for the better!! 
I signed up with Kylie to learn how to communicate better and manage stress related to my business. I have definitely learned some new tools and ways to have a happier work and life balance. I’d recommend Kylie if you are ready to change and gain more control over your life!!

– jessica Callahan

Helping individuals and businesses create success fast with the proven  techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Time Line Therapy®.


Suite 130, Level 2 UL40/1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, Victoria, 3148

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