Team Training

Solution Training for Small Business.

Tailored for you and your Business’s Needs.

What things are going really well in your business, and what things are not going well? What internal conflicts are you having, what’s missing, and what do you need? By providing customised attention and working together to identify any holes, team coaching services can help you and your team to make better use of resources and achieve greater success.

It starts with what’s ON FIRE…

Professional coaching begins by looking at the most urgent problems before moving onto what is important and needs attention, what’s important but not necessary right now, and then any rewards/outcomes and goals that you would like to achieve.


It’s all about taking into account your business’s needs in order to get the growth, consistency and profit you deserve.

Finally, management team coaching can sort through the challenging issues and help you create 1, 2, 3 bucket lists. This assists with prioritising, evaluating and delegating to achieve clarity and direction for achievable outcomes.

With professional coaching for you and your team, you can let go of the stress and frustration and feel clarity and direction once more by getting back in the driver’s seat!

What is Executive Coaching?

Going a step beyond team training, executive coaching is a form of one-on-one professional coaching that takes place between a business coach and an executive who holds a high position in a company. Also known as executive leadership coaching, this type of coaching can help you to identify any issues present in your business and come up with steps and achievable goals to solve them. Executive coaching can additionally help you to identify and tackle any personal issues encountered in your role, such as lack of confidence or management skills.

Lets Get Started...

Find out what a business pathfinder and coaching plan can offer you and your business with a free discovery call. Get started today to discover the benefits of team coaching services and executive coaching for yourself.

From My Clients.

As a successful business owner myself, I do know about the nuts and bolts of your business – systems, balance sheet…all those things. Though I would say at this time I am specialising in assisting you to take control of your business and gaining clarity on your goals, outcomes, and your personal definition of SUCCESS. But don’t just take my word…

Kylie-Ann has such a solid and lovely presence, which helps you clear the clutter, find your own presence, and move ahead!

– Amy Amann

Kylie-Ann was a real pleasure to work with. She painlessly and efficiently reprogrammed my negative beliefs and the timeline therapy was almost like she had waved a magic wand….the results were instant! I would highly recommend Kylie-Ann to anybody who is considering her services.

– Bambi Coker

It’s one thing when someone says they can do something then it’s an entirely different thing when you experience for yourself. It has been a great journey of awareness and discovery to achieve direction and results.

– Adam B

Just finished a set of coaching sessions with Kylie Ann and I must say I’ve changed for the better!! 
I signed up with Kylie to learn how to communicate better and manage stress related to my business. I have definitely learned some new tools and ways to have a happier work and life balance. I’d recommend Kylie if you are ready to change and gain more control over your life!!

– jessica Callahan

Helping individuals and businesses create success fast with the proven  techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Time Line Therapy®.


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