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March 12, 2019
Kylie-Ann Kobelt

“The three most important ways to lead people are:… by example… by example… by example.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

Everyone knows we should lead by example, but how many people are actually doing it?

Our teams, family and friends naturally gravitate to those who are leaders, whether they are positive or negative in their behaviour. Those who lead by example build steady relationships within their personal lives and workplace.

In business, people will generally follow those who they trust. One of the best ways to build trust with your team is to lead by example. 

Here are four easy ways you can lead by example in your workplace:

1) Listen to your words and how you say them.

Your words can have a direct impact on your team. What are they watching or hearing when they come to work? It may not even be what you consciously say to them, your vibe and your tone of voice can directly impact your team’s morale. If you want to lead by example, start by checking in with how you speak to your team members.

2) Get your hands dirty and help the team.

Stop sitting by the sidelines and expecting your team to do things you wouldn’t do. You may be in a higher position within a company, but that shouldn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything. When you work alongside your team and contribute to the workload, you develop a mutual level of trust and respect with your co-workers. It also means you can keep the wheels moving if someone suddenly leaves or there is extra work to be done.

3) Start being accountable.

Are you accountable for your team’s actions? Or further still, are you accountable for YOUR actions? When we fail to be accountable or make our team accountable, the wheels of the business slowly come to a grinding halt.  If you aren’t holding yourself accountable, then your team will follow your attitude. Assumptions can be made about the managers in charge. Why should they care, if you don’t?

4) Give your team the right tools for the job.

You wouldn’t expect a mechanic to fix your car without any tools and the same goes for your business. What tools and resources have you given your team to help them do their job? To lead by example, you must show your team members that you are prepared to provide them with the tools they need to get the job done. Otherwise, they will be blindly walking around in the dark.

When we are working with a team for nearly 40 hours a week, we can take on each other’s behaviours and attitudes quite easily. If you are a leader, many will look to you to see how they should behave within the business. It’s important to know what outcomes you want from your team and what direction your team needs to take. When you take your job and goals seriously, so will your team. Unconsciously they can set their standards based on yours so be aware

What could you be doing that would motivate, inspire and ignite a fire in your team’s belly and achieve the results you need for your business or project?

Or when you know you have to be accountable to yourself or your team… “do you run, hide, dodge or avoid”? 

Often we excel with an accountability buddy that keeps us accountable or a partner that can assist us in becoming the master of accountability and to learn how to feel confident and comfortable setting, leading and following up.

Is this something you would like to learn more about, CLICK HERE today, and find out where your strengths are and where you may need a little reinforcement. This this allows me to teach you how to give yourself permission to be accountable and start following up with the actions you are responsible for and lead with example for desired outcomes.

Are you read to take back the reins?

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Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Personal Life Coach, Business Coach & Change Mentor


Hi, I’m Kylie-Ann, it is not the things that happen outside yourself that affect you the most. What goes on inside your head is the most powerful indicator of your success as a person. So, if your thinking becomes clearer and more empowered, so does your life.

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