Know That You Will Make Mistakes and It’s OK!
February 18, 2018
Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Yes, it’s true! This year will be full of bumps, curves, pitfalls and mistakes.

Everyone makes them.

Think back to all the mistakes you have made in your life and you will also see how they have strengthened your character and your abilities.

Mistakes are not the end of the world but they are designed to make us feel bad as it is in this feeling we will seek answers.

“Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before”

George Bernard Shaw once said: ‘A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.’  The fear of being nothing, achieving nothing and becoming nothing should be way bigger than the fear of making mistakes.

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7 Tips to Manage Yourself and The Mistake

  1. Stop dwelling on it. Get focused on how you want it instead. Get out of your head by grabbing a pen and writing what you learnt from the mistake and take away the lesson.
  2. Best not to ignore a mistake either – take action. Mistakes have a tendency to repeat themselves.
  3. Reframe from blaming others – Admit and recognise your mistake.
  4. No complaining that’s a time waster – Be at peace with your mistake.
  5. Shift your perspective about mistakes – Many actions are perceived as mistakes only because we don’t react to them appropriately.
  6. Focus on what you have learnt and find the opportunities and possibilities in the learning.
  7. Know that mistakes are crucial to create growth and development.

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Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Personal Life Coach, Business Coach & Change Mentor


Hi, I’m Kylie-Ann, it is not the things that happen outside yourself that affect you the most. What goes on inside your head is the most powerful indicator of your success as a person. So, if your thinking becomes clearer and more empowered, so does your life.

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