Do you Bend or Do You Break?
December 15, 2017
Kylie-Ann Kobelt

This year I was looking at re-branding my coaching business and I wanted to learn more about what others saw when they think of me.

Who am I in the eyes of others?

On both my personal and business profile I asked for those that knew me to share by leaving one word that best describes me.

It was not only a flattering project to see so many wonderful words but also enlightening, as a word arose quite a few times that surprised me.

This was a word I had not considered and yet it was highlighted by this creative task.

Resilient – able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Resilience is the ability to stay strong when you really feel like throwing in the towel, not breaking, not giving up, digging deep and trenching forward through the mud.

And then when landing on the other side of the difficultness taking the experience, drawing positive learnings from it for next time.

Because yes, no matter how resilient you are there is a next time.

We can adapt and change to every negative, stressful or traumatic experience and in doing this we come out on top, having developed new coping mechanisms to add to our tool belt of resources.

The tool belt of life. One big filing system in our memory bank. This tool belt is what I believe to be the key to resilience, giving us the capability to ‘bounce back’.

What gives us the ability to bounce back?

Is it genetic factors, our values and beliefs. Was it how our parents raised us?

Fear of not wanting to fail, looking bad to our peers or is it that we have a need to succeed every time. Do we simply have more confidence, better, stronger social networks and purpose?

Due to different life’s situations, resilience varies from person to person and can fluctuate throughout the lifespan due to changes in experience and circumstances.

Many factors are often outside of our control but there are many we can work on.

Developing how to be better equipped to deal with stress and challenges certainly will make a big difference in your day but it doesn’t mean you will not be exposed to them. Creating more resilience will allow you to not be so affected by the actual situation and that you move past it faster, not be affected in a domino-style, actually you are able to take out a domino piece which in turn stops everything from falling down.

10 Ways to build resilience

  1. Know that you will make mistakes and its ok and take the learnings for safe keeping.
  2. Create balance by scheduling time for your own self-care.
  3. Look at extending or creating diversity with upgrading or adding to your skill set. Keep learning even consider doing a short course.
  4. Get physically! Being active creates happy hormones.
  5. Invest wisely into the right friends it’s important to have a supportive network.
  6. Create some fun and have a really hearty laugh were ever possible.
  7. Invite new people out for a coffee to extend your social circle.
  8. Start one thing you have been wanting to do for ages or re-start a hobby you enjoyed you had forgotten about.
  9. Be clear on what you actually, can control. “For Tarzan to keep swinging in the jungle he has to grab hold of a new vine and to move forward he has to let go of the other”. Learn to let it go (that’s actually that’s two)
  10. Always know that every storm passes.

Do you need some bounce to get back into things? Or would you like to learn how to recover from stress and challenges quicker and get back on top and stay on top?

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Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Personal Life Coach, Business Coach & Change Mentor


Hi, I’m Kylie-Ann, it is not the things that happen outside yourself that affect you the most. What goes on inside your head is the most powerful indicator of your success as a person. So, if your thinking becomes clearer and more empowered, so does your life.

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