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I’m a business coach with over 25 years of expertise building, maintaining and selling successful businesses.

With lived experience, knowledge and skillset to help you transform your business to become exactly what you want and need it to be from the get-go!

My business coaching and training focus on two key components.

1. The building blocks of a successful business. (policies, systems, accountability, productivity, efficiency and team) 

2. The mindset you need to be an effective business owner, employer and overall human.

A strong mindset is essential to the profitability and success of your business but is also critical for achieving any resemblance of life balance.

Elevate your business and ignite your Why!

The Best place to Get Started is with a Consultation, Strategy & Plan Session

Yay! You have decided to get started.

Let’s look closer at what’s missing and what’s not working right now?

Identify what’s holding the business, you and or your team back?

.Then plan out the “How To” move forward Taking you to higher ground!

Where are you in your entrepreneurial journey right now?

Coaching Programs

At Solution Creator, we believe that every business owner and professional are like fingerprints. Unique!

This is why we customise your journey based on the results you are wanting to acheive.

Individually Tailored Coaching Program

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Program Outline

In today’s business environment where competition is fierce, many people are showing the initiative required to step up to Getting Results within Corporate Organisations and Small Business.  While many successful individuals usually possess a natural talent, there can often be a lack of resources and tools required to deal with the added pressure of managing increased workflows, people and then themselves while staying ahead of their game.  These skill resources shortfalls are often due to a lack of Career experience or internal investment and with the right tools, individuals can excel, producing great results for their business avoiding the risk of overwhelm, burn out or the feeling of being not good enough or even incapable. Which brings me to the next point an area that is heavily undervalued and over looked is mind health. Many business owners often find themselves in a particular place of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, angry and even an element of hopelessness and defeat. This internal mind capability or lack of, can itself be very limiting, and it’s not about whether you have the correct CRM System, it can be as simple as holding things off until you have more time or not implementing what you want too because it is going to be a lot of work and avoiding it is easier.

Solution Creator Identifies, Releases and creates:
Providing Training and Mentoring to Individuals and Teams, providing them with many tools and not limited to: 
  • Business Model – Over view and health check. What’s working really well – What’s not and revive, remove, re-create. Are you buying yourself a job or creating a profitable business.
  • Strategic Sales Training – Developing Confident Sales and Creative Professionals who can negotiate and build business effectively  
  • Organisational Skills – Day to day time and productivity management and Project Management Tools to Prioritise and Manage Workflows 
  • Negotiation/Mediation Techniques – Useful in Managing relationships with Staff, Suppliers and others
  • NLP Communication Skills – Discovering Strategies, Non-Verbal Communication Techniques, Responsibility Models & working with Values 
  • Values Testing, Alignment and Team Teaching (to align corporate values, personal values, understanding of growth areas and strengths) 
  • Business Systems – Create what works for your business model and for you
  • KPIs track and measuring – know your numbers.
  • Create and Feed Teams – Managing others – HR, consistencies, accountability culture, rapport, communication, swat analysis, attitude, efficiencies, consistencies
  • Partner Alliances with many professionals

Modules & Key Areas


Modules are: Key Areas are:
Building Systems Set Up to Sell the business Work Ownership
Vision, Mission & Purpose Finances  Values Alignment
Creating a Growth Mindset Establishing credibility Communication Skills 
12 Step Culture Relationship building Organisational Skills
Client Relationship Management Technology Team Management
Increasing Productivity  Modelling greatness Time Management
Recruitment Productivity Structure & Policies
Employee Development Personal Development  Avatars & Tribe building
Sales Solutions Knowing your numbers Mission & Vision Statements
Marketing Strategies Steps to Level Up Goals, Targets & KPI’s
Inventory  Management Leadership Development  Conflict Resolution
HR Resources Contract, Wage or Commission Self & Team initiative 
Change Management Resources
Client Management Incentivising your team
Core4 Personality & Strength Profiling with D.I.S.C  Internal & External Marketing Confident Decision Making
NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Team Commitment Delegation
Timeline therapy® Consistency Accountability
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Positive Psychology  Managing your internal conversations – Fear, anger, cant’s, should.


Example Program Layout and not limited too

Development Area Modules/Action Outcomes & Indicators of Effectiveness
Organisation, Systems & Structure Prioritisation of Tasks, Emails, Communications with Day to Day Management of business & Staff Client will demonstrate the ability to implement systems to organise communications with Staff, and Clients.  Resulting in more proactive communication.
Tools to effectively manage Project Objectives and Outcomes (planning, implementation and management).
(including effective delegation and Staff KPI Planning)
Client will show improvements in daily management with (new) systems placed and will consistently manage through delegation with follow ups and scheduled tasks

Time Management Tools

  • Manage and Delegate Work Load
  • Streamline
  • Introduce Protocols
  • Accountability with self and team
Client will demonstrate a streamed line improvement in managing deadlines both internal and external to the business by following Time Management Strategies.  Proactive responses with outcomes for the business best interest as priority.

Create and Implement Systems for Business Model

  • CRM Automation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Tribe Building Sales
  • Policy & Procedure Manual
  • Employee Contracts…

Client will have come out of ‘hobby’ into ‘business builder’ mind-set. Putting in place what is required to take the business brand to the next level.

Client starting to progress towards working on the business

Get the contracts and streamline started  on HOW DO YOU WANT IT

Mapping Capabilities
  • Learn how to design & own your SMART GOAL for professional success
Know your numbers Wages ratio – Rent Everything numbers
Wages – Targets to industry standard Love or hate them you need to know.
Break even Automate and schedule reports
Productivity Scale
Does your POS system do what it needs too?
Leadership & Initiative  Motivate self, Discover Strengths and take action Techniques
  • Client will have a clear understanding of how to proactively motivate self and move towards achieving targets
  • Accountability Progress Programs for Staff
  • Client will have a system and process in place to keep staff accountable and develop weak areas into strengths
  • Reducing Overwhelm, Stress and Moving from Procrastination to Motivation
  • Client will have tools to effectively reduce overwhelm in busy periods and avoid Procrastination toward large tasks/projects
  • Values & Beliefs – Getting conscious and ensuring that these are on target for results
  • Client will have completed a values test that will show key areas of importance and will have aligned these with key business values.
  • Values Testing with Staff to obtain best strategies to motivate and lead
  • Client will have a clear report outlining key strategies for each staff member (complete with development plans)
Human Resources

Creating a Co-operative Team

–        Hire & fire

  • Learning to Communicate with your team and having them collaborate towards a collective goal
Setting Team Goals
  • Setting up motivation strategies
Sharing out responsibilities
  • Know who is best suited for which areas in the business

Momentum with Meetings

–        Follow up

Working together to develop the brand – expectations
Design effectiveness as a team Getting permission to create accountability and responsibility
Work Ownership and accountability Scale
  • Understand the best way to manage unproductive staff
No Deal
  • Get them clear on their investment on themselves
  • Decide stay & Play or EXIT today
Mind Set Psychology of Excellence
  • Understand what is the Psychology of  Excellence and how to incorporate it into your business and into yourself
Silence Your Critical Voice
  • Learn How to fire your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee
Morph from Mediocre to Magnificent
  • Learn who you are and who you are not and be ok with it?
Be the positive influencer
  • Get clear on your personal values
  • Be clear what ‘you’ stand for and not just in your head.
  • DO as I do v’s  Do as I say
Its ok to delegate and take a lunch break and more
  • How to be assertive without feeling bossy

Have a Question?

Have a Question?

From My Business Coaching Clients

Are you interested in creating business success YOUR way, rather than following along with someone else’s vision? Do you sometimes feel as though you are your own worst enemy? It doesn’t need to be like that!

Everything from start to finish was amazing. I can’t thank you enough for the support and help you have given me. Your process is spot on and with knowledge and experience, it’s the perfect package. I can not recommend Solution Creator enough. 

Bobby Semple  ~ Simplified Recruitment 

Kylie-Ann has helped me personally and my business structure more ways that I could have ever imagined. Personally she has assisted me with limiting beliefs, decision making and the ability to move forward and keep moving forward with having a young family and business. In my business she has sat by me assisting with HR, admin, staff coaching and training, as well as keeping me accountable and on track with all new implementations. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Kimberly Martini

In a space filled with hype and feel good inspirational sprookers. Kylie-Anne separates her self as rare, no BS, determined, super skilled, hard working, committed soldier. By your side making you accountable in your journey to success. I had the pleasure of working with Kylie-Anne two years ago and when we made the commitment together to achieve the goal I set, we were able to breakthrough deep limiting decisions. After that I instantly knew exactly the step to take to move forward and achieve my goal. Since then I have only looked back to see how far I’ve come. Thank you Kylie-Anne for the amazing breakthrough.

– Jason Wyles

QUESTION Business Owners, does your Business feel the way you want it to?

As the owner of multiple businesses myself for more than 20 years and as a business and personal mindset coach, I know how important this is.

I also know how few business owners like you are really satisfied with the way you ‘feel’ when you start your day, walk into your business and greet your team.

I found the secret… Now I want to help you find it too!

There is Business & There is Mindset – the way we think!  Solution Creator works in both areas – Helping individuals and professionals create success with proven strategies, systems & business fundamentals.  Including techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Disc Profiling.


Suite 130, Level 2 UL40/1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, Victoria, 3148

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