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You can do anything but you cannot be everything

Gary Vaynerchuk (love him hate him) recently talked about When you should be HIRING Someone!

If you can afford to invest in a new hire, it’s almost always a good strategy because it allows you to go harder on your strengths.

Understand the needs of your business and what you will need to do to get the EOFY started.
Delegate the remaining tasks out to keep the wheels of your business running smoothly.
Who and where you delegate your EOFY tasks is incredibly important to ensure a smooth transition into the new financial year.

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Stop Cringing and Start Preparing to Celebrate

Calling all business owners…guess what is almost on our doorstep?

The end of the financial year!

How does that make you feel?
Panicked, stressed, scared, overwhelmed… or are you someone that cruises through this period with ease?

Do you delegate everything out or are you an avoider who sticks their head in the sand like an ostrich? Or do you prefer a hands-on approach with your finances?

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Letting It Go

Thoughts, disappointments, the past stories we tell ourselves and hang onto are often allowed to consume and define us. We often turn to friends or family to vent about our issues, only to be met with “Oh just let it go!”.

While they may be trying to help, how do you really feel when you tell someone about something that’s bothering you, and their response is ‘Just Let it go’?

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Right to Freedom of Speech

Ever heard this saying by Abbie Hoffman? Plenty of room for thought!

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard this one “I have the right to freedom of speech?”

Maybe it was from your kids. Or your friend. Or the well-meaning lady who disagrees with your opinion on social media.

But what does freedom of speech really mean? And does it even exists?

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Too Busy?

If you are busy being busy and not sure where or how to free up some time, let’s identify together what we can easily do to give time back to you.

If you are unsure on how you store and work with time take a moment to call me and I can easily find out with you and that can be the difference that makes an immediate difference. (If you haven’t read the blog and this interests you read it now and find out which one feels like its you)

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Redesign Your “Get Started” Strategy!

Where in your life have you closed your eyes and just hoped ‘something’ would just go away? Let’s be honest, we all do it!

The question is did it go away?

Did the situation start off with a little bit of procrastination and then did it grow into a BIG FROG?

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What’s your Frog?

Have you heard of the famous frog analogy?

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” -Mark Twain

So, what is the frog and why the heck are we eating it?

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3 Ways to get Motivated Instantly

You have a list of things you need to do, but then you procrastinate.
You are always running out of time, and you are unable to focus on what truly makes you happy.
You are always feeling tired and unprepared whenever you sit down to start a task. Sound familiar? We all suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. But how do you get out of the slump?

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