Are We Turning into Coffee Snobs?
December 10, 2018
Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Melbourne is known for its rich diversity of culture, food, wine and entertainment. It’s arguably the sporting capital of the nation. People flock in droves to see all of the hidden secrets that this beautiful city has to offer. But, did you know that Melbourne has the prestigious award of being one of the best coffee cities…in the world!

Yes, Melbourne is on par with some of the big coffee players like Rome and London. Worldwide, our city is known to have some of the most tantalising roasted beans and espresso shots you can taste. Now, while there is a cafe on every corner, has our overall high expectation of mouthwatering coffee extended to the household?

It feels as though the craving for a properly roasted bean has now become one that we expect not only from a cafe but in the home as well. And not only do we expect properly made coffee in our own home, but it also seems we expect it when we are guests as well!

Recently I had a tradesman working in our home, and as all good hosts do, I offered him a coffee.

He replied with “yes thanks” and then looked confused when I walked over to put the kettle on.
(Ok, so a FYI. Our household stocks Moccona – which I have checked and is rated No 5 in Australia 2018 for top instant coffee’s)

“Are you not making it from the machine?”

I paused, unsure if he was serious and replied with, “My husband is not home and to be honest that is his thing.”

“In that case then, no thank you!”


I then felt obligated to turn out a cafe style latte minus the takeaway cup.

Feeling a little amused about the encounter, I voiced my opinion to a dear friend. She agreed she had experienced a similar level of coffee snobbery. One of the first things her guests asked when they arrived was “Why don’t you have a coffee machine”.

What happened to the good old days of going out to a cafe or just having an instant coffee at home?

Another friend said she was always extremely apologetic if she had to make instant coffee when the machine was broken or they had run out of beans. “I feel awkward serving out instant coffee,” she told me. Like the quality of coffee we served at home was somehow an indication of our financial or social success.

I can appreciate a delicious coffee, but have we taken this a little too far?

Are we now being judged on whether or not we own a coffee machine?

Hairdressers are now expected to pump out cafe style lattes in between cuts and colours. I’ve even seen some other places now offering cafe made coffee just to get you in the door for an appointment. Coffee machine stores have popped up everywhere in the last few years with hundreds of different styles available and a variety of prices to match.

Are we becoming a nation of coffee snobs?

Not only has the price of coffee increased over the last few years, but the social beliefs around coffee have changed as well.

When did owning a coffee machine become a factoring decider in whether we believe someone is successful or not?

Now, many things factor into whether someone is successful or not. Owning a coffee machine, I don’t think is one of them!

Being HAPPY is successful. Being at peace with yourself is SUCCESS. Being motivated is successful. Letting go of problems that are holding you back is successful to name a few.

So, maybe next time you go to ask whether someone has a coffee machine or not, consider whether you REALLY need a cafe style latte while visiting your friend.

“Good coffee usually happens with good company” – not whether it was made using a machine.

What do you think?

Do you own a coffee machine?

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Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Kylie-Ann Kobelt

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