5 Easy Time Management Tips To Help You Be More Productive Throughout Your Day.
February 20, 2018
Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Let’s face it we could all use a little more knowledge that will help us get more done. Here are five tips that I have found to be the most useful in helping you save time which then allows you to get on with more important things in life! Of course, not every suggestion is for everyone and with some of these tips you may have to or want to do more research of your own; However, it is my hope that you find the majority useful.

1.) Get off your computer or phone or whatever device you’re reading this on looking for ways to be more productive. 
Have you ever heard the saying “ If you want something go and get it”? Of course, you have it’s the most cliché go-to at some point in everyone’s life, whether that be the guy/girl you were in love with in high school that didn’t know your name or stopping at the bakery just because that bright red “hot now “sign is on. If you want something you have to get upand go get it. I know, I know you’re not addicted to your phone, you can close your laptop at any time, you have the utmost self-control, right? I believe you I do, and I know you probably believe that yourself but in this sense, we are both in denial. Sometimes its good to put away the electronics and social media and disconnect. Sometimes it is necessary, it is indefinitely necessary when trying to increase productivity. The less time you spend binge watching YouTube, Netflix, Instagram… the more time you will have to type up that report for your manager or prepare that presentation for your team.

2.) Bring out the lion inside you- aka. Take cat naps. 
This is common sense, and on top of that I know you’re smart. It is proven in a variety of fields that napping throughout your day boosts your energy levels. Bottom line is, more rest especially after high-stress activities during your day equals renewed, boosted energy levels which will inevitably increase productivity. In the beginning, it may be hard to just sleep or if you’re like me you have no choice but to live as a vampire due to wearing a few different hats, however, finding a 15-minute cat nap schedule that works for you will make your mind clearer and your body happy. Side note: If not a cat nap alternatively please consider using this time to ‘meditate’.

3.) Speaking of schedules…. Make one. 
No, you don’t have to be organised nor a rocket scientist to accomplish this. You simply need a piece of paper and pencil or a Gmail account (for docs, sheets, etc.) or whatever would work best for you and ten minutes to sit and think about all that you need to accomplish, have to accomplish and want to accomplish. Writing a schedule and sticking to it plays a simple role in this. If you know what you have to do and have set times to do them, you force yourself to be however productive necessary to complete the given task. Knowing what you actually want to achieve in your day or week gives you the ability to plan it, work it and complete it. Bonus: Grab your favourite highlighter colour and put a line through it. This is a visual anchor that registers to your unconscious mind as ‘done’. Yeah, you!! Good stuff! Just in case no one is around to say ‘kudos’. Self-praise always warmly accepted.

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4.) What if I can’t stick to a schedule because I’m an ever-guilty Procrastinator? 
So you just knew making a schedule and sticking to what you wrote would be as easy as pie… until you got caught up watching “just one” episode of your favourite show and now it’s the next day and your schedule has restarted and become toast by the end of the week. So step one to stop this damming procrastination is easy, simply, stop lying to yourself. 
You know you’re not going to “ do it when you get home” or “have it done by tonight” at least not the bulk of whatever your accomplishment is. Step one leads me directly into step two which ironically is, take your time, again, you know you’re not going to finish the three-week project in three nights so, is it ok to do it ‘little by little’ and conquer it within the time given? Alternatively, I have a technique I can do with you that is particularly effective  for eradicating procrastination called “chaining anchors.” It’s simple but sophisticated if you are finding you are a scholar of procrastination! Click here to find out more. Now!

Not by going to watch “just one episode” of your favourite show for typing the first paragraph of your report, but instead by fulfilling all the aspects of your project and start with what you enjoy the most first. Its easier to ‘start’ the project by doing the part you like the most. Otherwise, It can leave you uninterested, unmotivated and discouraged as if you’ll never finish it anyway, which the can lead into putting it off until 3 hours before its due.  Find the most interesting component first and get started!

All in all, if you take into consideration the five things discussed today you will certainly make a difference to your own self daily.

‘Doing little things well is a step towards doing big things better.’

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Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Kylie-Ann Kobelt

Personal Life Coach, Business Coach & Change Mentor


Hi, I’m Kylie-Ann, it is not the things that happen outside yourself that affect you the most. What goes on inside your head is the most powerful indicator of your success as a person. So, if your thinking becomes clearer and more empowered, so does your life.

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