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I work with ambitious professionals to reclaim their confidence, re-discover their direction and design step by step strategies for results in their business and life. Bringing back profitability and life balance!

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Business Coaching

Are you a business owner ready to take your ideas to action? Let’s revise and revive your systems, develop teams, increase your productivity, facilitate your growth, boost your business and step it out for results.

Life Coaching

Feeling stuck? Not sure which direction is right for you? As an NLP Master Practitioner, I can help you get clear in your thinking, identify what steps you can take and confidently make the changes you want.

Team Training

Need team training for your employees to harness their strengths, grow, develop, communicate with confidence, meet business’ objectives individually and together!


Meet Kylie-Ann

Six years ago I started my exit strategy out of my businesses and out of an industry I had been in for over twenty years.
I decided to scale down into my purpose.
Solving problems.
Funny really, that someone else’s problems (trash) are my treasure.
I have always been the go-to person and honestly, I really enjoy taking the pain away for someone else in business, life and within teams.
That’s when an idea became a fire and Solution Creator was designed. The exit strategy was long because I was still working the businesses, plus took on studying NLP, CBT plus motherhood. I was bottlenecking then two years ago sold my businesses and went full time here as a Solution Creator!

Let’s go back a little…for over 25 years, I’ve worked in and with businesses large and small.  Ive bought and sold cafes, salons and skin clinics, employing hundreds of people and I’ve had years of experiencing multi-million dollar turnovers. Having mentored and coached business owners across Australia, as well as personally experiencing life as a business owner, I intimately understand the challenges and opportunities that come with a successful business.


botOne thing that I’ve discovered is that while every person in business is as individual as their fingerprint, all share commonalities in the behaviours and beliefs that hold us back and that impacts on our decisions and ultimately our business, teams and our lives!

As a coach, my real world, lived experience partnered with my practical, proven strategies and approaches create lasting change to meet my clients’ desired outcomes- a successful, sustainable business and a life they love.

Solution Creator has consulting suites at Waterman Business Centre in Chadstone, Melbourne, and works with people across Melbourne and nationally to identify their professional challenges, in the business model and in the thinking that runs the business. I release the roadblocks and create both a holistic approach and strategies to living their best life. Coaching support and programs include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Time Line Therapy® and DiSC profiling.


I have been working with Kylie-Ann for over a year now and a lot more recently during Covid-19. Kylie-Ann has assisted me with upskilling my staff and I. Her input and coaching have had a lot to do with why we are still busy operating with styling houses for sale. Through this tough climate Kylie-Ann has helped me pivot my business to adapt to the strains to our real estate market, providing us with strategies and solutions. It’s really special to have a professional and knowledgeable coach in my corner.

– Jeanine Phillips

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Moving Your ‘Ideas to Outcomes.’

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GROUP COACHING Coming in 2021 Maximum 15 

Solution Creator Hub

Has two main intentions:
ONE – To Connect
TWO – To Grow
Every person in this group is a specialist in their our own field with much to offer you.
Collaboration is the new black and will be a big part of what gets us thriving again in this new landscape of doing business. 

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Identify 'specifically' the things that could shift everything for you in life and or in business.

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There is Business & There is Mindset – the way we think!  Solution Creator works in both areas – Helping individuals and professionals create success with proven strategies, systems & business fundamentals.  Including techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Disc Profiling.


Suite 130, Level 2 UL40/1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, Victoria, 3148

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